Archive Storage

Every day we try to improve our services due to the feedback we receive from our customers, thus aiming at a superior quality of service that meets the highest standards.

For this purpose, our company has warehouse archives arranged and equipped with modern equipment and means of protection in order to ensure the most efficient and vigorous organization and security.

Also, to increase your efficiency and save time and resources, our company can provide you with specialized staff who can assist you in researching, retrieving and making available the required documents, with maximum safety and compliance in force.

Deposits of our company always keep you in a state of impeccable condition for keeping and preserving documents, having:
– security and access systems based on magnetic cards;
– anti-burglary systems;
– Motion and smoke sensors
– video surveillance systems with permanent recording;
– Automatic monitoring station for measuring temperature and humidity.

Also, to protect yourself and your staff, pathogens, microorganisms and fungi are regularly initiated within warehouses, as well as ensuring a permanent microclimate for your convenience.

In order to manage and organize your documents and files as efficiently as possible in the company’s warehouses, we provide you with our qualified staff in the systematization of archival funds and the development of record-keeping tools (delivery-receipt, deposit guide, shelf guides, Register of deposit and current records).

As soon as they have been received, the documents requested by the client can be made available to them, physically or virtually, in as short a time as possible.

The handling of the archive will be in accordance with the applicable law and, if necessary, our experts will advise you on the use of information including at your premises.

Documents physically requested by clients or by empowered agents for consultation will be shipped to our premises by our company in an operative manner and with maximum security.