Archiving Documents

The document archiving service is more than just storage for us. Because we recognize the importance of these documents for you, our services ensure that you maintain, maintain strict records and secure their security in authorized locations, and have immediate access to these documents.

Archiving Documents

The document archiving service involves the existence of several stages, which are essential in delivering an optimal service that meets the requirements of any customer.

Knowing that your time is precious and eliminating a possible damage, our company will ensure the provision of archival boxes and transport your documents Meeting all required standards.

Because our client has immediate access to archived documents, the very important stage is document organization from the moment we receive them. This is not just about packaging them, but also classifying them by criteria that are relevant to you, such as document type, retention times, department, work point, etc.

Due to this archive storage stage, the costs are reduced, because documents that will be available in the future will be known and can be removed from the archive.

After receiving the archive boxes in the center, a database will be created so that each box will record information in the database, with the barcode on the box and the data entered on the spine / Folder cover, making it quicker to access your archive.

Our company also provides accounting documents archiving services at the highest standards, especially because of the volume that is clearly superior to any other type of documents. The organization of accounting documents is a priority for our company, which must be accessed quickly and kept in an impeccable state.

Whatever type of documents or folders you want archived depending on your activity, Features S.R.L. Provides you with high-quality and safe services, with our collaboration resulting in maximum benefits and minimal costs compared to the quality of our services.