Electronic Archiving & Digitization

Being aware of the technological progress of our time and better organization of our services, we offer our customers a wide range of archiving services to the highest standards, such as electronic archiving and digitization.

The electronic archiving service can give you maximum benefits according to your wishes and requirements. Due to this type of service, immediate access is made to the user’s profile, as well as a quick identification and viewing of any document or file stored electronically in our database.

The establishment of an archive is indispensable for the operation of any company, since each creator of documents is subject to the laws of archiving and is required to ensure optimum conditions for the organization, preservation and security of these physical documents.

Electronic Archiving and Digitization

​Companies that issue official documents have the obligation to set up a physical archive, regardless of whether or not to make the electronic archive, so this last solution only provides extra help in organizing your company’s documents.

Digital archiving of your documents and files is done by converting them from physical format to electronic, thus ensuring secure and fast access to the digital copy of documents.

Documents in the archive kept on physical support will be ordered and classified according to methodological procedures established in collaboration with the client.

After this grouping process, the document scanning process is carried out to convert and save digital documents in digital format as multipage files with the extensions: * .tiff, * .pdf, * .djvu, compatible with the management software.

By authorizing an employee to collaborate with our company, you will be able to get full access to the company’s archive as soon as possible. You will also be able to know the request history at any time, and the level of confidentiality will always be ensured.

The benefits of outsourcing the physical archive to our company are numerous and consist of a better security of your archive, total control over the archive, and optimization of costs and working time.