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This Agreement is a contract between You and User at www.features.ro, a platform belonging to Features SRL, registered in Romania under the registration number 28322570 (“Characteristics”, “New” or ” our “).

This agreement applies to:

(A) any services offered by Features SRL, together with the www.features.ro site.

(B) of the Features site located at www.features.ro, as well as any other hosted / associated sites;

This agreement establishes the entire understanding between the user and Features SRL on the subject of this Act and supersedes any other discussion, as well as all previous discussions, agreements and understandings of any kind (including, without limitation, any prior versions of this agreement), as well as any financial relations between you and Features SRL.

By your agreement to create a user account on the www.features.ro platform, or by using any of the www.features.ro site services, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted all terms and all the terms of this Agreement, as well as the privacy policy.

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Privacy policy:

Features SRL respects the confidentiality of customer data and undertakes not to transmit the personal data of the customers or users of the site to third parties (natural or legal persons), not to sell them, not to engage in data exchanges with third parties or other users of the www.features.ro site.

Customers and users’ personal data will only be used to achieve the purpose for which they were entered. We inform you that the contact details you decide to provide us are “personal data”, according to the provisions of Romanian Law No. 677/2001.

Cookies policy:

The www.features.ro site uses cookies.

Cookies are data stored on the user’s hard disk containing user information. If the user rejects a cookie, he may still use the www.features.ro site. Cookies help us track and segment our users’ interests to enhance our site’s experience.

Accepting the terms and conditions of use of this platform:

By using and registering on this site, you accept the terms and conditions of use listed below, and you need to read them carefully.

Cryptomonas market is very volatile and prone to a rapid change in prices. Market price changes over time, so your cryptomonas may have a much lower value in the future. In fact, cryptomonas can even become completely worthless. Criptomones are not supported by any entity. No Features LLC, nor anyone else has any obligation to buy back your cryptomones in the future.

You are directly responsible and agree to, by default, declare under your sole responsibility that the documents you use to purchase cryptomonas of any kind (CI and any other documents that will be required to be relevant and conclusive in the completion of the site registration procedures, and the purchase of cryptomonads) from the www.features.ro platform, you belong to, are legal, are issued by the competent institutions of your state. You also declare that you have the legal age to purchase cryptomonades on the www.features.ro platform.

Our Platform, implicitly the LLC, are not responsible in any way if you send cryptomoneda to an incorrect address or send the wrong amount of cryptomonas. Also, the www.features.ro platform and the hosting company are not responsible for the inadequacies / inconsistencies / errors / errors that they could produce the user.

The www.features.ro platform is registered with Limited Liability Company Limited. The service provided by Features SRL allows users to buy cryptomonades (Bitcoin, FCoin Ethereum, ZCASH, and any other cryptomones the user wants to purchase).

We are not responsible if, for various reasons, you can not access this site. Once you agree to these terms and conditions of use, Features SRL gives you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to access and use our site as well as our service.

Please make sure you fully understand the risks involved and so do not invest money that you can not afford to lose.

By the agreement we receive from you to register on the site, please state that:
– you agree to the terms of use;
– you are at least 18 years old;
– you have the full ability to accept these terms of use for the purpose of making cryptomonas transactions.

By initiating a transaction, you confirm by default that you meet the following conditions at the same time:
1) You are the account holder who makes the bank transfer for the purchase of cryptomonades;
2) Buying these cryptomonads is not a money laundering activity;
3) The cryptomonas you purchase will not be a payment instrument for illicit or illegal activities;

You also declare on your own responsibility that the amount of EURO / RON money used for the acquisition of cryptomonas is not a fraud. If the contrary is proven, you are liable to bear the damage and any legal consequences, as well as damages, moral damages, material damage.

Services offered:

The buy / sell rate is guaranteed only for transactions for which the amount is credited to one of our bank accounts within 60 minutes as specified at the time of the transaction initiation during the work program: Monday- Friday, 9: 00-17: 00.

Features LLC, through the www.features.ro platform, offers users the ability to sell or buy cryptomonads.

Uploading the balance with the value acquired in cryptomoneda will be made as soon as the proof of payment is sent to the mail. But the balance will be pending, and after we have the confirmation of payment in our bank, the balance of cryptomoneda can be withdrawn if desired.

If the amount of the purchase transaction is credited to one of our bank accounts within the 60 minutes set but outside of the program hours, we reserve the right to confirm and approve the purchase transaction the next business day .

Transaction approval may take from a few minutes to three (business) days, depending on how the amount is transferred, the value you purchased, the account history, and market volatility. Confirmation of the transaction by the cryptomon network varies with network clutter.

Withdrawal of the cryptomon to another address will be possible only to your wallet address, we do not accept third party addresses.

Purchase / sale transactions already processed are irreversible and the accepted exchange rate remains unchanged until the transaction is completed.

If the purchase transaction value is not credited to one of our accounts within the 60-minute set period, the exchange rate will be set by us upon receipt of the amount transferred by the user in our account, of the available purchase rate at that time.

Return and Cancellation Policy:

Once placed, the offer will be valid for 60 minutes. During this time, payment must be made, otherwise the offer will be canceled automatically and will no longer be valid. As soon as the payment is processed, cryptomoneda will be allocated to the user account. All transactions are final, repayments are not accepted.


You can only confirm one account at the www.features.ro trading platform. If you try to account more than one account, such additional account may be suspended or closed.

In order to use any of the Services LLC services, you must submit a request to your email address contact@features.ro following our team, contact you to start your registration as a user on the site. This requires you to send us, at our request, the identity documents so that we can verify your eligibility. Later, after successfully completing the registration process (if the procedure is complete and the information and documents submitted by you, are relevant, conclusive and credible) Features LLC will establish your account

From time to time, we may require the provision of additional information as a condition for continued use of the services.

If you want to convert local currency to cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency local currency authorized Features SRL, directly or through third parties, Features LLC may make any inquiries we consider necessary to validate identity .

This may include requesting more information about the user, such as name, date of birth, e-mail, physical address, tax identification number, identification number (PIN) and information bank account (financial institution, account type, account number), and your photos and identity documents, so that we can confirm user identity and benefit from services offered by Features SRL.

Features LLC may ask you to answer certain questions or take action to verify your identity; thus complying with the legislation in force. By sending other personal information that may be required, please check that everything is correct and authentic, and you agree to inform Features SRL if you change the status / address / name / first name and any other identifying but yours

We reserve the right to keep your registration information after you close your account for regulatory purposes and compliance with applicable law.

Password security and keeping your current contact information:

You are responsible for keeping your daily email address in your account in order to receive any notifications or alerts that we can send. Features LLC will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by non-compliance with the rules on the protection of account information or inability to follow or take note of any notices or alerts we may send.

You are responsible for maintaining the security and proper control of any IDs, passwords, information, personal identification numbers or any other codes you use to access the services provided by Features SRL. Any loss or compromise of the above information and / or personal information may result in unauthorized access to your account by third parties.

It is recommended to regularly use a trusted antivirus and malware screening software and prevention software. If you have any doubts as to the authenticity of a communication presented by Features SRL, you must log in with your account through the www.features.com .ro by not clicking on the links contained in the emails.

We are not responsible for any damages or interruptions caused by computer viruses, spyware or other malware that may affect your computer or other equipment, or any phishing, spoofing, or other attack.

If you believe that the information in your Features account has been compromised, contact Support Features immediately: contact@features.ro .

Account Suspension and Closure:

It is possible that at our sole discretion, without liability to you or any third party, we may refuse to open an account, suspend your account or terminate your account, or how one or more services operate. Such actions can be taken as a result of account inactivity, failure to respond to customer support requests, spam activities (eg initiating transactions without completing them in the time allocated), or breach of the terms of this agreement.

Either in accordance with the requirements of a valid summons or court order, or if Features SRL reasonably suspects that you use your account for the purpose of promoting illegal activities (but not limited to), or opening multiple accounts, or abuse of promotions that www.features.ro can offer you from time to time, your account may be suspended.

If you have unsettled transactions in an account that has been suspended or closed, you will be able to recover these funds, unless prohibited by law or a court order.

Features LLC, at its discretion, will allow you to withdraw these funds from an already known bank account, or (ii) send the funds to a known crypto external address. We reserve the right to request the continued provision of identification information before processing such arrangements and to delay or discard these understandings if Features SRL considers fraudulent or unlawful activities to have taken place. If you are unable to sign in to your account, you will need to contact the support service to process such agreements.

You may terminate this Agreement at any time by discontinuing the use of the services provided by www.features.ro. Upon termination of this agreement and suspension of your account, you remain liable for all transactions made while the account has been opened.

Right to suspend or delay transactions and settlements:

Features SRL reserves the right to refuse a procedure or to cancel it in respect of any purchases or sales of cryptomonas or transfers at its sole discretion in the event that Features LLC suspects that the transaction involves or is at high risk of involvement in money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud or any other type of financial crime, tax evasion, as well as any offense provided by criminal law in response to a summons, court order or other governmental order, or Features LLC suspects that the transaction refers to a restricted activity.

In case of high volatility in the market, unforeseen circumstances or force majeure, transactions and settlements may incur delays. Features LLC will not be liable for these delays, not controlling these possible events. Features SRL is not responsible for these delays due to inter-bank transfers.

Features SRL reserves the right to refuse to process or cancel any current transaction with cryptomon, or any transaction with the local currency connected to your account, in accordance with the legal provisions or in response to a summons, a court order or another mandatory. Features SRL can not reverse a cryptomonade settlement that has been communicated and confirmed by the Cryptomonas Special Network.

We may refuse to process any transaction or settlement without prior notice and we may limit or suspend your use of one or more services at any time, at our sole discretion.

We reserve the right to modify, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Services at any time, including any opening hours or availability of any facility, without prior notice and without liability.

Suspension of your use of any of the Services will not affect your rights and obligations under this Agreement. We may, at our sole discretion, postpone transactions or arrangements, if we believe that the transaction is suspected or may involve fraud or misconduct, violate applicable laws or violate the terms of this agreement.


It is your sole responsibility to determine whether and to what extent any charges apply to Cryptomonas transactions conducted through the Services and to retain, collect, report and remit the correct tax amounts to the tax authorities where you are assigned to the tax domicile.

Withdrawal orders in FIAT or wallet may take between 24-48 hours or more if the network is loaded.

Withdrawal in FIAT can only be made on a RON account, regardless of the currency in which the purchase of cryptomon (EUR or RON) was originally made.

The minimum purchase order is 50 EUR.

The minimum withdrawal order in FIAT (RON) and in the wallet is EUR 50.

For the wallet transfer, mining fee will be deducted from the transferred amount.

The mining fee varies depending on the applicable regime. It may vary depending on the network load and the speed at which the transfer is made.

The mining fee is not charged by www.features.ro and can not be calculated in advance.

The tax will be reflected only after the amount reaches the indicated wallet.

In the case of payments in LEI, a levy of 2.5% will be applied to the LEI payment to the LEI in EUR.

For payments in EUR, no additional foreign exchange rate will apply.

Payments made using the bank card will only be accepted if the bank card is the account holder.

Closure issues:

You may terminate this agreement with Features SRL and close your account at any time after settling transactions in progress. Moreover, you agree that LLC may terminate access to this site and, in order to close the account, a simple acceptance is required at any time and without prior notice. We have the right to cancel, terminate the service and close members’ account. We have the right to restrict the access and content of the site, remove or disable the content, also have the permission to take legal and technical measures to close the members’ account on this site if we suspect that they create problems of any kind which may disrupt the activity and integrity of Features LLC, or violate the intellectual property rights of third parties, or act inconsistently and not in the spirit of “terms and conditions of use”, or attempt to gain unauthorized access to this site, or use of this service for purposes such as money laundering or illegal funding of criminal activities.

Limitation of the right of use:

It is strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce, modify, republish, present, transmit any part of the www.features.ro site. It is also prohibited to collect or distribute the above, in any form.

Trademarks, service marks, feature labels, and other issues of this kind used on this site are associated with “Features” and are owned by and by its owners. The software, texts, images, data, prices, graphs, diagrams used on this site belong exclusively to Features SRL.

You can view, print and / or download a copy of these materials from www.features.ro < / a> only for personal, informational, non-advertising purposes, provided that copyright and other legal provisions are kept intact.

It is strictly forbidden to use for any purpose any materials on this site, any other website or any other computer network. Any such unauthorized use, which infringes copyright, trademarks or other laws, may result in civil or criminal penalties.


Emails sent from the Internet are not completely secure, and Features SRL is not responsible for any damages resulting from their transmission. We suggest sending emails in an encrypted format.

Limitation of liability:

To the extent permitted by law, Features SRL is not responsible for damage / loss, or loss of profit, business, data, opportunities or other direct or indirect loss.

None of the above does not exclude or limit the liability of any party for fraud, death, physical harm caused by indifference, breach of any clauses deriving from law or any other liability that may not be limited or excluded by law.


If you have any questions about “Terms of Use” of the www.features.ro with respect to the rights and obligations arising therefrom, as well as the use of the site, service, account, or any other issue arising from them, please contact us at contact@features.ro .

Please keep in mind that “Terms and Conditions of Use,” will constantly be modified, updated, completed, subject to changes to the applicable legislation in force, by to the competent state institutions.


Politics Features SRL is to actively prohibit and prevent money laundering and any activity that facilitates money laundering or the financing of terrorist or criminal activities.

We will comply with all applicable requirements and regulations. Money laundering is generally defined as involvement in acts intended to conceal the true origins of products derived from the crime, so that income appears to have originated. In general, money laundering takes place in three stages. Cash enters the financial system, where this cash generated by criminal activities is converted into monetary instruments, such as payment orders or travel checks, or deposited in financial institution accounts.

In the next step, funds are transferred to other accounts or other financial institutions to separate money from their criminal origin. Then the funds are re-introduced into the economy and used to buy legitimate goods or to fund other criminal or legitimate business.

Financing for terrorist attacks does not always require large amounts of money, and associated transactions may not be complex.

Internal money laundering procedures and controls are designed to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that adequate internal policies, procedures and controls are in place to take account of both changes to regulations, and changes in our business.

Designate responsible persons:

Features LLC is responsible for reporting money laundering (“MLRO”). MLRO has full responsibility for AML’s Features LLC. MLRO tasks will include the supervision of employee communications and training, and the surveillance of software changes to ensure compliance with MLRO responsibilities.

MLRO will also ensure that Features LLC maintains and maintains all necessary records and ensures that any suspicious transaction reports generated by the Features LLC are filed with the ANTI MONEY LAUNTINGERING OFFICE when applicable. Features LLC will provide contact information for MLRO managers, company secretary, and associated financial institutions including:

(1) your first and last name;
(2) your e-mail address;
(2) phone number.

Features SRL will promptly notify all parties of any change to this information and review and, if necessary, update this information within 30 business days of the end of each calendar year. The annual analysis of this information will be done by the MLRO and will be completed with all necessary updates being provided within no more than 30 business days after the end of each calendar year. In addition, if there is any change to the information, the MLRO will update the information promptly, but in any case no later than 30 days after the change.

Requests for information by the Romanian authorities:

We will respond to a request (“Request”) about accounts and transactions by promptly searching our records to determine whether we maintain or retained an account, or have engaged in any transaction with any person, entity, or organization called in the Request.

We will keep a record of money laundering and terrorist financing information along with the documentation that we did the required search by saving the logs, which will be available at any time on request. We will not disclose that authorities have requested or obtained information from us unless it is necessary to comply with the request. MLRO will review, maintain and implement procedures to protect the security and confidentiality of authorities’ requests regarding the protection of non-public customer information.

We will designate one or more people to be the contact point for requests and we will update the information immediately. Unless otherwise specified in the Request, we are required to search our files for each person, entity, or organization named in the Request. If MLRO is looking for our records and does not find an appropriate account or transaction, MLRO does not respond to the request.

We will send the authorities the questions we have about the Request. Unless otherwise specified in the Request, we will not be obliged to treat the request for information as being of a continuing nature and we will not be obliged to treat the request as a list of terrorists suspected by the government for the purpose of identifying and verifying customers.

Deposit levels:

People who have opened an account must provide full contact details before being allowed to deposit, trade, and withdraw currencies. This is known as Level 1 clearance, which allows deposits and withdrawals of EUR 50 per day and EUR 1500 per month.

Level 2 allows deposits and withdrawals of EUR 1500 per day, and for this level, proof of address (utility bill on the name and address of the ID) is required.

Level 3 verification allows unlimited warehouses and withdrawals, and for this we will need additional documents.


We’ll collect enough information from every client who has an account to allow us to identify the customer. Upon opening an account, Features SRL will collect the following information, if applicable, for any person, entity or organization who opens a new account and whose name is on the account prior to activating the FIAT deposit account and withdrawals account: p>


  1. name

  3. date and place of birth (for an individual)

  5. nationality

  7. gender

  9. email

  11. the phone number;

  13. proof of residential address (for a physical person) or headquarters, local office or other physical location (for a person other than a physical person)

  15. proof of identification with a photo.

If a prospective or existing customer refuses to provide the information described above on request or appears to have provided erroneous information intentionally, Features SRL will disable the account.

In both cases, the MLRO will be notified so we can determine whether we should report the situation to the authorities.

Checking information:

The MLRO will analyze the information we obtain to determine if the data is sufficient to know the true identity of the client (for example, if the information is logical or contains inconsistencies).

In case of increased identity fraud, we will complete the documentary evidence by using the non-documentary means described below as often as necessary.

We will use documents to verify customer identity when the appropriate documents are available.

We can also use non-documentary means if we are still not sure if we know the true identity of the client.

In verifying the information we will examine whether the identifying information we receive, such as the customer name, street address, postal code, e-mail, telephone number, date of birth, and photographic identity, allow us to determine that we have a Reasonable faith that we know the true identity of the customer (for example, if the information is logical or contains inconsistencies).

Appropriate verification documents for clients include the following:

For an individual:
– Certified proof of residential address (utility bill of less than 3 months, bank statement, electricity bill, gas, water, phone bill, but not mobile phone);
– Proof of certified identity (passport or temporary or full driving license or national identity card);

For a corporation:
– Certificate of incorporation;
– Identify the beneficial owner;
– Memorandum and articles of association;
– Proof of identity and proof of residential address;
– For at least 2 corporate directors;

All of the above documents must be certified by a lawyer, accountant, notary or consular official at the embassy or consulate.

The certificate must sign and prepare the copied document (clearly giving its name in uppercase) and clearly indicate its position or capacity and provide its contact details. The creditor must declare that it is a genuine copy of the original.

Any documentation that is not in Romanian requires translation and certification as above.

We are not obliged to take action to determine whether the document that the customer provided to us for identity verification was validly issued and that we can rely on an identification issued by the government to verify the identity of the customer. However, if we notice that the document has an obvious form of fraud, we need to consider this factor to determine if we can form a reasonable faith that we know the true identity of the client.

We will use the following non-documentary identity verification methods: confirm email validity, confirm the validity of your phone number.

We will review the information within a reasonable time after opening the account. Depending on the nature of the account and the transactions requested, we may refuse to complete a transaction before verifying the information or, in some cases, when we need more time, we can restrict the types of transactions or the dollar amount in transactions pending verification. If we find suspicious information indicating the possibility of money laundering, terrorist financing or other suspicious activity, we will report the activity in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. We recognize that the risk of not knowing the true identity of the client may be accentuated for certain types of accounts, such as an open account on behalf of a corporation, partnership or trust that is created or conducts a substantial business in a jurisdiction that has been designated as a primary money laundering jurisdiction, a terrorist preoccupation, or designated as a non-cooperating country or territory.

We will identify customers who are at increased risk of not being properly identified. When we can not form a reasonable faith that we know the true identity of a customer, we will disable the account;

Data recording:

We will keep our verification logs, including all customer identification information provided, the methods used and the verification results and any discrepancies identified in the verification process.

We will keep records of the identity of a customer by stating the type of document, any identification number contained in the document, the place of issue and, if applicable, the date of issue and the expiry date. With regard to non-documentary verification, we will keep logs describing the methods and results of any measures we have taken to verify the identity of a client. We will also keep records containing a description of the resolution of each discrepancy found in the verification of identifying information obtained.

We will keep records of the customer’s identity verification for five years after the registration.

We will keep the records of all identification information for five years after the account closes.

Notification of customers:

It’s important for our reporting program AML and KYC to get enough information about each client to allow us to assess the risk presented by that client and detect and report suspicious activity. When we open an account for a customer, the diligence we perform may require improvement. We will take steps to obtain sufficient customer information to comply with our improved diligence requirements.

We will inform customers that Features SRL requires information from them to verify their identity, as per the law. We’ll use the following method to let you know your customers: by email, and we’ll ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you. We will also ask you to see a photographic proof of your identification and proof of address.

Verify the list of terrorists provided by the government:

When we receive the notification that the authorities have issued a list of known or suspected terrorists, we will check that list and determine if a client appears on a list of known or suspected terrorists or terrorist organizations issued by any government agency and designated as such by the authorities in consultation with regulators. We will comply with all directives issued in connection with such lists.

Report suspicious transactions:

We will report to the authorities on any transaction (including deposits and transfers) made or attempted by, on or through Features SRL, involving funds (either individually or in total) of EUR, suspected or suspected : (1) the transaction involves funds deriving from unlawful or intentional activities or performed to hide or disguise funds or assets arising from illegal activities as part of a breach of law or regulation or regulations or to avoid any requirement of transaction reporting in accordance with legislation or regulation.

We will also report and notify the competent law enforcement authority in situations involving imminent violations, such as terrorist financing or money laundering schemes. We may send a voluntary report for any suspicious transaction that we consider to be relevant for the possible violation of any law or regulation, but which is not mandatory to be reported by us. Our policy is that all suspicious activities are periodically reported to the Board of Directors and appropriate management.

The Forex Trading Features LLC allow only FIAT foreign currency transactions once the accounts are activated. Any transfers over € 10,000 may be reported to the authorities.

Monetary Features SRL prohibits both the receipt of the currency or other monetary instruments that have been shipped, mailed or shipped to us. Features SRL supports currency transactions only through internationally recognized financial institutions and payment platforms.

Money purchase instruments do not issue bank checks, checks, cash checks, checks or travel checks worth € 3,000 or more.

Keeping the documentation:

We will keep all the documentation for at least five years. We will keep the confidentiality of the reports and any supporting documents. We will not inform anyone outside the authorities or other law enforcement or regulatory bodies about a report. We will separate report files and copies of supporting documents from other books and firm records to avoid disclosure. Our MLRO will handle all your requests for reports. We can communicate information with other financial institutions about suspicious transactions to determine if we will report together in accordance with the rules and regulations of the authorities. In cases where we file a joint report for a transaction that has been managed by both us and another financial institution, both financial institutions will keep a copy of the report submitted. We will either keep the original, or a microfilm or other copy or reproduction of each of the following:

– the registration of each advice, request or instruction received or given in respect of any transaction that results (or is intended to result and later canceled if it is normally recorded) in the transfer of currency or other monetary instruments, EUR 10,000, – a record of each advice, request or instruction given to another financial institution (which includes broker-dealers) or another person, about a transaction that aims to transfer funds or currency, other monetary instruments , greater than EUR 10,000;

– each document giving the signature or trading authority the account of each client, – a record of each transfer or transfer of funds or a currency exceeding EUR 10,000 per person, account or place; and a record of each currency reception and each transfer of funds of over € 10,000 received at any time directly and not through a national financial institution, from any person, account or place. We will work closely with all the collaborating institutions for to detect money laundering. We will exchange information, records and data to comply with AML / CFT laws. We will develop ongoing employee training under MLRO and senior management. Our training will take place at least once a year.